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Kentucky Colonels Amateur Radio Club - Field Day

Each June we leave the comfort of our homes for a weekend of emergency preparedness activity called "Field Day." The event is designed to test operators' skills in setting up and operating radio communication equipment in situations where electrical power is limited or unavailable. The idea is to simulate the conditions that can occur during an ice storm, tornado or other emergency, including man-made disasters.

During Field Day, operators across the country set up radio transmitting and receiving equipment in local parks or even in backyards to get on the air using generators, battery or solar power to run their equipment.

This type of exercise, along with our dedication to public service, allows us to step in and help emergency officials and relief organizations when disaster strikes. Cell phones, the Internet, and other communications technologies remain dependent upon fragile infrastructure. We have a long track record of getting the message through when all other systems fail.


Field Day Photos

2012 Field Day Photos - click photos to enlarge

Field Day 2012 Tim KJ4ARE
  Field Day 2012 Gary K4UU & Tim KJ4ARE operating
Gary K4UU and Tim KJ4ARE
setting up radio for Field Day
Field Day 2012 Bill KY4B & XYL Marilyn working 20 meters
FD 2012
Bill KY4B and XYL Marilyn working
 20 m inside EMC trailer
  Tim KJ4ARE calling CQ and Greg KY3B logging at 2012 Field Day
Tim KJ4ARE calling CQ and
Greg KY3B logging


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